Oahu Baseball Academy has 2 full batting cages to allow players to train with coaches or just practice their swings off baseball tees as well as pitching machines. These cages are also built for pitching practice, as well as basic fielding and throwing.  Both are ideal for baseball training and softball training.

Training in a batting cage with a professional coach allows for more focus on mechanics and drills to improve form, power, precision and consistency. This controlled environment allows personalized coaching and opportunities for players to learn and apply what they learned to hitting, fielding and pitching repetitions.

These are some of the best batting cages in Hawaii that are available to all baseball players and softball players.

The batting cage is the ideal place for young players to professionals to get a lot of reps off a baseball tee. You can take a lot of swings in a confined space to maximize training times.

Practice perfecting your swing by keeping the ball at a consistent spot.   The baseball swing is so complex.  If you can take a major variable out of the process, you are better able to focus on the mechanics and creating positive muscle memory.

In addition to many drills to improve your swing and power, Oahu Baseball Academy uses video and swing sensors to allow you to see your swing and swing path and work on specific drills to improve. This customized and visual approach improves speed of learning and allows players to also practice with and without coaching to improve.

Our indoor batting cages allow for training regardless of weather, and puts players in a safe environment to learn and improve.

Batting cages are equipped with pitching machines to practice hitting fastballs and curveballs while improving your swing.

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