Baseball and softball training at Oahu Baseball Academy

Baseball and softball are very competitive youth sports in Hawaii. From Little League and other local baseball organizations to high school and beyond, Hawaii has its share of amazing baseball players.

In baseball today, talent and athleticism will only take your so far in this sport. Your work ethic, focus and baseball skills improvement are all key to your success in theses sports. The best players are working out daily with varying drills and focus to maximize performance, endurance, speed and baseball skills.

Oahu Baseball Academy was created to provide a training facility for all players who want to work hard and improve their skills.

Through private coaching, group practice and individual workouts, players can improve their game consistently and effectively.

Oahu Baseball has some of Hawaii’s best baseball coaches and softball coaches who specialize in pitching training, hitting, fielding, speed and agility as well as the overall baseball mechanics in all aspects of your game.

Private coaching is available for all baseball and softball players at our facility, which includes 2 batting cages, practice areas and a small training gym.

Our coaches are trained to bring the latest techniques and baseball and softball drills to improve all players.

Oahu Baseball Academy also will bring new technology to training in our facility to remain a state of the art training facility.

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Oahu Baseball Academy is open to all levels of players in baseball and softball and promotes enjoying the game, playing safe, hard work and teamwork.

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